We are committed to achieving Zero Harm.

At SRG we believe that all incidents, injuries and harm can be prevented. Committing to the goal of Zero Harm is how we have committed to health and safety as a core value.

Safe operations, a quality product and environmental responsibility are demanded by stakeholders, employees, regulatory authorities and society. At SRG we aim to set standards that go beyond simple compliance with these demands. We aim to identify all hazards and to take all practicable steps to eliminate or control them through joint consultation.

Across SRG, we require the active commitment to, and accountability for safety, quality and environmental responsibility from all leaders, employees and subcontractors and this is achieved through a safety culture by setting clear goals, giving employees the skills and training they need and encouraging people at all levels to be involved in SRG’s safety journey.

Our Statement of Commitment

Enforceable Undertaking

Impact Statement of Pamela Gurner-Hall