SRG is the exclusive Australian agent in mining for world-leading Altamira Information services. These services provide ground movement studies via satellites using Interferometry Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) and Altamira GlobalSAR™ processing technology.


GlobalSAR™ measures the motion of natural reflectors (existing measurement points on the ground e.g. infrastructures and facilities, bare ground, rocks etc) reaching a measurement point density of thousands of points per km2, and complementing other land surface point-based surveying techniques.  In areas where natural reflectors are not detected, installation of Corner Reflectors guarantees measurement points without requiring any maintenance.  In areas with abandoned mines, especially in populated areas, GlobalSAR™ can measure historical and ongoing ground deformation to help anticipate and mitigate the risk of a collapse.  Historical studies can analyse ground motion as far back as 1992, thanks to archive radar images acquired by different satellite missions.