SRG is the licensed Australian distributor of SlideMinder®, which is a remote, wire-line extensometer that provides continuous monitoring of ground movement. SlideMinder has real-time monitoring, allowing people and equipment to be repositioned when unsafe conditions are detected.

Ground movement studies via satellite

The affordable monitoring system reduces operation downtime and can save time, money and most importantly, lives.  Durable construction of SlideMinder provides unparalleled uptime and seldom needs maintenance from field technicians.

  • Reduces loss of time due to false alarms and reduces loss of life and equipment by monitoring displacement
  • Checks displacement every 6 seconds for movement as small as 0.012mm
  • Transmits movement data to base station, which can be monitored on any computer on the network
  • Eliminates the need for technicians to travel into dangerous or inaccessible areas for monitoring
  • No regular maintenance means no scheduled downtime and no monitoring interruption
  • Robust system unaffected by most weather environments
  • Monitors displacement throughout the failure without damage to the unit.