SRG are a leading provider of post-tensioning technology and value engineering solutions with a wealth of engineering and contracting experience obtained through the successful completion of projects throughout Australia and overseas over the last 50 years.

Post-tensioning is a method of reinforcing (strengthening) concrete or other materials with high-strength steel strands. The benefits post-tensioning brings to a structure include large open plan, column free floor spaces. The technology reduces the amount of conventional reinforcement and concrete required thus delivering a more economical and environmentally friendly solution.

We are committed to improving the standard of design and construction in the post-tensioning industry. We are a founding corporate member of the Post-Tensioning Institute of Australia Limited.

Slab Post-Tensioning

The SRG slab post-tensioning system offers all the stakeholders in a building project many benefits including:

  • Reduced structure depth
  • Greater clear spans
  • Design flexibility
  • Formwork versatility
  • Reduced construction costs
  • Enhanced construction speed
  • Improved durability
  • Minimum maintenance costs
  • Reduced carbon footprint due to less concrete and steel required

The slab post-tensioning system comprises of high strength steel strands placed inside flat ducting, anchored at one end by deforming the strand then casting it into the concrete and at the other end by means of a steel anchorage casting and anchor block(s) with gripping wedges.

After the concrete has reached a suitable strength, the individual strands have a specified load applied. The duct is filled with a water/cement grout mixture to ensure the system is bonded and corrosion protection is maintained in service.

Bar Post-Tensioning

Our bar post-tensioning systems are ideal for the economic application of post-tensioning forces on relatively short tendons. Through the use of threaded connections and anchorages they are simple to use and lend themselves to many applications.

The robust coarse thread (CT) provided to the SRG stressbar ensures rapid and reliable assembly, particularly suitable for onsite use and reuse.

Typical bar post-tensioning applications are buildings, bridges, wharves and jetties, soil and/or rock anchors and specialist engineering.

Corrosion Protection

All bars and fittings must receive protection when installed under permanent conditions. In normal concrete construction the use of galvanised duct injected with grout provides excellent protection. Anchorage recesses must also be filled with cement mortar to protect these ends.

When bars are used in an exposed environment then other coating systems are available for the bar and fittings.

Temporary Bar Anchors

Anchors used in a temporary environment may be used without protection apart from grout required to the bond length.

Permanent Bar Anchors

These anchors require installation into corrugated polyethylene sheathing similar to strand anchors to provide multiple levels of protection. Additional protection may also be used by incorporating the above bar coating systems.