There is no real limit to the size of the load that can be lifted. As an example, we have successfully relocated a fragile, single-piece structure weighing 2,000 tonnes, we like to think that “the sky is the limit!”

At SRG, all heavy lifting projects have the same number one priority – safety. Our track record of successful lifts around the world is impeccable and we aim to keep it that way. Our achievements reflect a most rigorous process of questioning, checking and monitoring every step of the way – from the initial concept, to competent design and on-site execution. Typically, such works will involve one or more of cable-based lifting, rod-based lifting and hydraulic jacking.

We can offer you the following heavy lifting services:

  • Engineering design or review
  • Hydraulic-ram lifting systems
  • Threaded-bar lifting systems
  • High-tensile strand lifting systems