SRG provide a complete slipform service and maintain experienced teams of personnel available to assist in all aspects of construction including design, planning, programming and construction techniques relating to the slipforming and formwork methods.

The slipform technique is a rapid and economical construction method that can achieve considerable cost savings when compared with the cost of conventional formwork. The slipform construction system becomes viable on regular shaped structures generally four storeys or greater in height, although multiple uses on shorter structures has been achieved economically in the past.

Advantages of using slipform construction include:

  • Greater speed and earlier completion of construction projects
  • Early completion of lift motor rooms and early installation of lifts, plumbing and electrical services
  • Reduced craneage as forms are lifted by hydraulic jacks
  • Reduced scaffolding and temporary work platforms as the slipform system contains its own platforms for working. This also results in a cleaner and less congested construction site.
  • Reduced labour costs, as the system provides an intensive work environment

SRG provides a variety of service packages to match the requirements of the client. This can range from:

  • Design
  • Fabrication and supply of all specialised formwork items
  • Hydraulic jacking equipment and technical assistance to ensure correct erection and operation of the slipform system to a full package including labour for erection, installation of blockouts and placement of concrete and reinforcement.