SRG provides strand, wire, bar or carbon stay cables for a wide variety of structures, drawing on both local and global expertise and resources of the BBR Network.  

Stay cables may be plain strand / wire unseathed for temporary applications. For permanent stay cable applications - galvanised, waxed and individually sheathed strands which are enclosed in an external sheath are adopted. Alternatively, wires enclosed in a sheath with the voids then filled with a flexible corrosion protection compound are also used.

In recent years a fatigue stress range of 200 N/mm2 for 2x106 load cycles in combination with angular rotations at the anchorages has been adapted and is now specified by most codes and recommendations. BBR stay cable systems technology has fulfilled such fatigue testing.

SRG can provide stay cable systems for a variety of structures including suspension bridges, long span bridges as well as large suspended structures such as roofs.