SRG specialises in the protection of critical Mine Infrastructure. With the specialist expertise to access difficult areas, the engineering expertise to understand the lifecycle of various structures, and the technical expertise to monitor your infrastructure over time.

SRG has a deep experience in supporting the efficient installation, maintenance and protection of Mine Infrastructure. Our specialist rope access expertise, backed up with an International Accreditation, enables us to reach difficult places to install protective mechanisms of various styles. Our unique distribution rights across the Asia Pacific region for monitoring technologies will allow us to conduct long term historical studies on ground stability, or install real time, ground stability monitoring systems. Our proprietary products, such as Concrete Canvas™, are the right solutions where rapid installation, in remote locations is an important consideration.

  • Crusher pocket wall supports
  • Ground anchors for construction
  • Void investigation / remediation
  • Gabion and retaining walls
  • Embankment and slope stabilisation
  • Ground Stabilisation
  • Monitoring of Critical Infrastructure
  • Road and Rail Cutting Rockfall protection
  • Debris and erosion control
  • Technical Rope Access
  • Proprietary Products like Concrete Canvas™