SRG provides highly trained and experienced operators for industrial rope access.  

Aligned to internationally recognised standards through membership of the industry body IRATA, SRG employs comprehensive safety and quality management systems for the use of rope access techniques in drilling, geotechnical and construction services where challenging work environments may call for the use of such solutions.

Technical Access services offered include:

  • Open pit stabilisation and slope treatments
  • In-pit construction including dewatering pipe installations
  • Ground support and control for road and rail cuttings
  • Rockfall protection barriers
  • Helicopter material transport and placement

Benefits of using SRG for Technical Access include:

  • Extremely safe, when combined with modern, industry standard techniques
  • Provides much needed technical access to hard to reach areas
  • Offers flexibility and adaptability
  • Has the potential to unique solutions
  • More cost effective and flexible than scaffoldings