SRG offers the most advanced technology for geotechnical monitoring, recording and reporting for mining and civil industries. The services offer safer working environments through reduction of risk with the areas being monitored 24/7 in all weather conditions which can provide instantaneous safety alerts or live video feed.  

Using the Movement and Surveying Radar, Altamira, Slideminder or Geocam some of the services include monitoring of high risk work areas, any geotechnical movement, detection of geotechnical hotspots or widening of contact fault failures.

Movement and Surveying Radar

SRG are the proudly appointed partner of Reutech Mining within Australasia for the supply, maintenance and support of the Movement and Surveying Radar (MSR). We offer our clients the flexibility of trialling, leasing or purchasing 600, 1200 or 2500 metre range MSR systems, along with options on service level agreements and spares provisioning programmes.

MSR Features

  • Safer working environment through reduction of risk
  • Improved productivity through knowledge of wall stability
  • Peace of mind when mining near suspect mine slopes
  • Lower costs/tonne resulting from higher mine production
  • Low risk mining of otherwise sterilised ore

SRG provides the MSR300, MSR200 and the MSR60 ranges. The MSR300 has a range up to 2500m, the MSR200 a range of 1200m while the MSR060 has a range up to 600m and can be easily mounted on the tray of a utility vehicle or on a trailer.

Slope Stability Features

  • Real time detection of sub-millimetric slope movements (<1mm)
  • Geographically referenced surveying information
  • Advanced user-defined alarm generation software to cater for all types of mining operations
  • Selectable scan speeds
  • User configurable high threat areas and exclusion zones
  • Recording and playback functionality

Surveying Features

  • Surveying distance measurement accuracy <100m (absolute range)
  • Geographically referenced surveying information
  • Complex algorithms to resolve absolute frame of reference
  • Advanced synthetic map generation
  • Functionality to capture position of object identified such as fault lines, slip planes, types of material
  • Survey data can be imported into standard surveying products.


SRG is the licensed Australian agent in mining for ALTAMIRA INFORMATION. This service provides ground movement measurements with millimetric precision and mapping solutions using satellite images. GlobalSARTM can measure historical and ongoing ground deformation to anticipate and mitigate the risk of collapse.


SRG is the licensed Australian distributer of SlideMinder®, which is a remote, wire-line extensometer that provides continuous monitoring of ground movement. With SlideMinder’s real-time monitoring, people and equipment can be repositioned when there are unsafe conditions. The affordable monitoring system reduces operations downtime and saves time, money and most importantly, can save lives. SlideMinder’s durable construction provides unparalleled uptime and needs no routing maintenance from field technicians.


The GeoCam device is a robust, mobile extension of your IP surveillance network, which allows for monitoring of operations within environments such as opencast mines, where there is no cabling infrastructure. It is robust, stainless steel, mobile and solar powered and communicates via industrial wireless LAN.

The camera can be controlled (pan, tilt, zoom) remotely via the WLAN connection allowing visual access to remote operations.